Wild-Caught Icelandic Cod – 1 lb

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Icelandic Cod

Cod is versatile and easy to cook, which has earned it the nickname amongst Maine locals, of “chicken of the sea.” The mild-flavored white flaky meat easily absorbs the flavors of anything you cook it with, making it easy and fun to add to your favorite recipes for some extra protein and healthy fat.

Healthy Protein from Icelandic Cod

Wild-caught cod is relatively lean meat and although commonly fried with a breading or batter, any cooking method with moist heat compliments the low-fat content. The dense but also delicate texture of fresh cod meat, combined with the mild and satisfying flavor makes this a Maine favorite.

Order Wild-Caught Icelandic Cod Today

Our fresh cod is wild-caught in Icelandic waters and shipped fresh from Maine. Our Icelandic cod is the same species as domestic-caught cod, only better quality due to the environment they live in. Our boneless, skinless cut of cod comes from the top loin of the fish and has uniform thickness for even cooking. The large flake and white flesh are present beautifully on a plate, which is why it’s the same cut of cod used by the finest restaurants in the world. Place your order today and have it overnighted directly from us to your front door on any day of your choosing.


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