Whoopie Pies – 5.5 oz


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Whoopie Pies are the official treat of the state of Maine. That being the case, we can’t sell you a real Maine lobster dinner without this classic dessert to top it all off. Our Whoopie Pies are made fresh in Lewiston, Maine.

The Perfect Dessert for a New England Dinner

Buttery lobster and garlic and white wine infused steamer clams are the perfect prelude to a dessert like Whoopie Pie. You really can’t enjoy a classic lobster dinner without them. The rich bite of chocolate blended with creamy vanilla frosting clears your palate and leaves you satisfied. We recommend enjoying a hot cup of dark coffee on the side.

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You can buy classic chocolate and vanilla Whoopie Pies from us in individual packages. Our Whoopie Pies are baked fresh in Maine and delivered right to your door. Enjoy a Whoopie Pie for a birthday, anniversary, or just because they are delicious.


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