Snow Crab Legs

Select Snow Crab Legs – 2 x 8 oz – 10 oz Clusters


Select Snow Crab Leg Clusters

Select Snow Crabs from us are caught, cooked, and frozen before we ship them right directly to you. Each of these leg clusters arrives in portions of legs with some of the body left attached. You can crack and enjoy the meat from both the legs and the body of the snow crab.

Snow Crab Leg Clusters Look and Taste Incredible

The sweetmeat from snow crabs makes it a delicious treat, on its own, in recipes, or dipped in a tangy cocktail sauce. Snow crab leg clusters from us are pre-cooked and ready to enjoy as soon as they are thawed. These snow crab leg clusters also make for a striking addition to a raw bar or seafood tower at an event. No matter where you are enjoying them, they look and taste incredible.

Purchase Snow Crab Leg Clusters Online Today

You can place an order for snow crab leg clusters today through Maine Lobster Now. We will overnight your delivery to your home for convenience, on the day of your choosing.


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