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Pennsylvania Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 2 x 8 oz


Buy Pennsylvania Chicken Breasts Online

We are excited to offer restaurant quality, premium chicken breasts. Each 8 oz. chicken breast comes individually wrapped directly from Pennsylvania. This chicken is of much higher quality than you can find in any supermarket, with no GMOs, antibiotics, or hormones.

8 oz. Chicken Breasts

We are proud to offer premium 8 oz. free-range chicken breasts. Quality, fresh chicken is what you can count on from us– always. Each breast comes from a chicken that was raised humanely without antibiotics or hormones, so you know that you are eating a healthy, high quality protein.

Pennsylvania 8 oz. Chicken Breasts Delivered to Your Home

You can order 8 oz. hormone and antibiotic free chicken breasts directly from us along with all of your favorite seafood. This is a great way to stock your freezer with quality protein in just a single online order. Don’t forget that we can even overnight your delivery right to your front doorstep.


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