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Maine Lobster Tails 7 – 8 oz.


Cook 7-8 oz. Maine Lobster Tail Right at Home

Everyone knows the lobster tail is the sweetest part. Cut out the hassle and indulge in the best Maine lobster tails delivered to your door. Our tails come from Wild Caught Maine lobsters only.

If you are a lobster tail lover, you may be accustomed to only being able to get fresh Maine lobster tails on vacation or at fine restaurants. With us, you have the option of ordering 7- to 8-ounce lobster tails and enjoying them at home – no matter where you live in the United States.

When you place your order, we flash freeze the 7- to 8-ounce lobster tails and ship them immediately on dry ice to your front door. You can thaw them immediately, or save them in your freezer for an upcoming meal. Frozen lobster meat stays fresh for about three months.

Popular Ways to Cook Fresh 7-8 oz. Maine Lobster Tail

New to cooking a lobster tail yourself? It really is not hard at all.

Some of the most popular ways customers love to make lobster are boiling, baking, steaming, broiling, and grilling. If you are comfortable in the kitchen, you should be able to perfectly make your lobster using any of those methods. However, if you are concerned about using your oven or grill, you will find that boiling is one of the most forgiving ways to prepare the most amazing tasting lobster on the planet.

The Best 7-8 oz. Lobster Tail for Customers

During our many years in business, we have worked hard to build a reputation for supplying only the best lobster tail.

We work with local fishermen we know and trust to bring a taste of Maine to your door. Plus, we treat all the lobsters in our care with respect. Humane handling is top of mind for all our employees, and it ensures that you can feel good about making all your lobster and crab purchases from us.


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