Maine Lobster Tails 3 – 4 oz.


What to Expect When You Order 3-4 oz. Lobster Tails

Everyone knows the lobster tail is the sweetest part. Cut out the hassle and indulge in the best Maine lobster tails delivered right to your front door.  If your primary experience with lobster tails has been receiving them already made in a restaurant, you probably have questions about what to expect when you order them online from us. Here are a few things you can expect:

Our 3- to 4-ounce lobster tails are hand-sorted, prepared, and flash-frozen. They arrive at your doorstep still frozen and require some defrosting before being cooked.

3-4 oz. Lobster Tails Come From a 1 lb. Maine Lobster

Need help cooking? We can help you get it done right! Learn how to cook lobster tails at home like the pros! We have great cooking instructions from start to finish.

Don’t forget to check out our appetizers as well. We have a large selection of premium ingredients and pre-made sides that pair perfectly with lobster tails.

Buy 3-4 oz. Maine lobster Tails Today us.

All of our lobster tails are flash-frozen to ensure a fresh flavor and texture. You can choose any date, during checkout, to have your 3- to 4-ounce lobster tails overnighted right to the front door of your home.


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