Maine Lobster Tails 10 – 12 oz.


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Everyone knows the lobster tail is the sweetest part. Indulge in the best Maine lobster tails delivered to your door. Our tails come from Wild Caught Maine lobsters only. Check out Our Practices for more info. We include cooking instructions in every lobster tail shipment.

In true farm-to-fork fashion, we only purchase the lobsters we offer from local fishermen we know and trust. This allows us to feel good about the lobster tails we send to customers nationally and internationally. It also gives you a deeper respect for the food you enjoy on your plate.

In addition to working only with Maine fishermen who ethically harvest the lobsters they catch, we treat the lobsters in our facility humanely. It is our belief that they should live in peace and harmony, as well as in top-notch conditions. This helps protect the circle of life and is a fair way to treat the lobsters who give us so much.

10-12 oz. Lobster Tails for Your Dinner Party

You might not have realized just how big lobster tails could be until you set your eyes on these 10- to 12-ounce versions. Our second-largest lobster tails come from lobsters that are around 3.5 pounds. Not only are these amazingly plump lobster tails flash frozen and ready for you to thaw and cook, but they taste as wonderful as all our other lobster products.

Order 10- to 12-ounce lobster tails with confidence from us. Look for special sales on lobster tails and other items throughout our online store.

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We do not only serves up 10- to 12-ounce lobster tails, but brings you so many other choices for your lunch, dinner, and snacking pleasure. From chowders and desserts to entire lobster crab roll kits, you get the best, freshest foods to make your taste buds happy.


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