Maine-iac Whoopie Pie – Cape Whoopies – 3.5 oz


Cape Whoopies Maine-iac Whoopie Pies

“Whoopie!” That’s the sound of happy customers who have sunk their teeth into the one and only Cape Whoopies Maine-iac Whoopie Pies. Whoopie pies are the official treat of the state of Maine and are the perfect dessert for a lobster dinner. One bite of these decadent desserts and you might proudly start calling yourself a Maine-iac to your friends and family.

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What makes Cape Whoopies Maine-iac Whoopie Pies so much better than the rest? It starts with Bensdorp chocolate hailing all the way from Holland. They add some butter and then some cream cheese and Cape Whoopies delivers a rich, deep chocolate cake that has a slight crunch on the outside like a brownie, but soft and cakey on the inside. For the filling, Cape Whoopies whips butter and a honey-thick vanilla paste into a truly delightful frosting that is unmatched in the whoopie world.

Complete Your Lobster Order With This Favorite Maine Dessert

Don’t leave your stomach unsatisfied after your next dinner. Be sure to add dessert to your cart before check out. You won’t be disappointed with the mouth-watering Maine-iac Whoopie Pies from Cape Whoopies after your next New England-style dinner.


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