Maine Crab Cakes – 2 x 4 oz


Maine Crab Cakes

Our Maine crab cakes are delicious and arrive ready to heat and enjoy. Each crab cake is made up of 75% Jonah crab meat. They are made with pieces of Jonah crab, which is also caught right here in Maine. Crab cakes are the perfect item to keep on hand for a quick and healthy meal or to serve up as a side when guests arrive.

Ready to Serve Jonah Crab Cakes

Along with Jonah crab meat, our crab cakes are made with premium, flavorful ingredients like Dijon mustard, red pepper, parsley, chives, and crunchy panko bread crumbs. These ingredients infuse each crab cake with flavor. Crab cakes make an excellent appetizer to serve alongside our other seafood bestsellers, such as lobster tails, New England chowder or bisque, and Alaskan King Crab legs.

Order Maine Crab Cakes Online Today

You can now order classic crab cakes online directly from Maine. Place your order today and enjoy Maine crab cakes as soon as tomorrow.


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