Icelandic Arctic Char Fillet – 1 lb

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Icelandic Arctic Char

Our fresh Arctic Char comes from Icelandic waters and is truly a one-of-a-kind, delicious fish. The meat has a fine-flaking quality and a medium-firm consistency with coloring varying from light pink to deep red. These delicious fillets are fresh, never frozen, and are sustainably ocean-farmed in cold Arctic waters.

Pan-Seared Arctic Char

The flavor and texture of our Arctic char are often compared to a mix between salmon and trout. Char offers deep flavors that are not overpowering and a consistency that is delicate yet firm enough to cook and handle easily. With this fish, we highly recommend enjoying it pan-seared or oven-baked with a side of fresh lemon and savory butter.

Buy Arctic Char Today

You can purchase Arctic char directly from us. When you order online, you also get to select your exact delivery date, with the option to have your fish overnighted directly to your front door. If you order today, that could be as soon as tomorrow.


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