Harmon’s Crab Cakes – 2 x 3oz


Harmon’s Crab Cakes

Harmon’s crab cakes are the best in New England. Made locally in Maine since 1923, each crab cake is packed with sweet, mouth-watering crab meat. Each order comes complete with two 3 oz crab cakes, just enough for one as a meal or two if they are being served alongside another entree.

Classic New England Crab Cakes

Crab cakes from Harmon’s are like no other crab cakes available. Packed full of delicious crab meat, along with flavorful ingredients that add a pop of flavor to every bite, you’ll want to keep these on hand. Best of all, they arrive at your doorstep ready to heat up and enjoy. You can indulge in Harmon’s crab cakes as a meal on your own, or on the side of another delicious seafood dish.

Order Harmon’s Crab Cakes Online

Place your order online today for Harmon’s crab cakes from Maine. We will send your crab cake order to your home for convenience. Be sure to check out our overnight delivery options, and don’t forget to take a look at our other bestsellers, including live lobster, crab legs, and seafood bisque.


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