Gulf of Maine Steamer Clams – 1 lb


One Pound of Purged Steamer Clams from the Gulf of Maine

Tender, sweet, pre-purged steamers dipped in butter are one of the best ways to enjoy your dinner. Our soft shell steamer clams are guaranteed to be fresh as they are caught daily by local clam diggers.

Steamer Clams Complement Any Meal

Add steamer clams to any order for the perfect side that will compliment any lobster dinner! Each order comes with 8 – 10 steamer clams per pound.

Order 1 lb of Steamer Clams Today

Clam diggers hand pick the best clams and deliver them to us so we can ship them fresh to you! Order today and have them delivered to your home by tomorrow. We know you’ll enjoy our fresh clams, especially paired with our wild-caught or one of our pre-made appetizers.


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