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Frozen Lobster Meat – 1 lb


Buy 1 Lb Frozen Maine Lobster Meat Online

We did all the work, cooking and shelling the lobster, so you can simply order it and enjoy this delicacy from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is open up your frozen lobster meat, thaw it, and add it to any of your favorite recipes. Our 1 lb frozen lobster meat is a mixture of tail, claw, and knuckle meat. This blend is perfect on its own, in a classic lobster roll, or mixed into soups or salads.

Easy to Enjoy 1 LB Frozen Lobster Meat

Order extra frozen lobster meat to store in your freezer and have on hand anytime you crave it. We freeze the lobster meat immediately after it is cooked to ensure freshness. When your frozen Maine lobster meat arrives, simply thaw it overnight in room temperature water or inside the refrigerator. It is important to thaw it completely and to never microwave lobster meat to thaw it, because this will ruin the texture and flavor.

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This is a frozen product, if you are looking for Fresh Lobster Meat we sell that also. If you prefer just the Lobster Claw Meat, we sell that as well.


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