lobster claw meat

Fresh Lobster Claw Meat – 1 lb


Order 1 Lb of Fresh Lobster Claw Meat Online

No need to worry about buying a lobster and going through all the steps to get the tastiest results. Just to make things easy we cooked the lobster and shelled the lobster, so you can simply order and enjoy. Our fresh Maine lobster claw meat is never frozen. We send out lobster claw meat from lobsters that were cooked the same day, so our customers receive fresh lobster claw meat any time of year.

Ways to Serve 1 Lb Fresh Lobster Claw Meat

Lobster claw meat is perfect for classic Maine lobster rolls. Along with the fresh lobster claw meat, you can order the rest of the ingredients you need directly from our local, family-owned business. Fresh lobster claw meat can also be added to any of your favorite seafood recipes, providing a sweet flavor and an extra dose of healthy protein.

Order 1 Lb Fresh Lobster Claw Meat

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