Damariscotta Oysters – 6 count


Damariscotta Oysters

The Damariscotta River is the famous region in Maine were the most desirable oysters come from. All of the local farm-to-table Oyster Bars in Maine serve Damariscotta Oysters as their prime selection, and now you can order them from us and have them shipped to wherever you live in the United States.

Serve Up Some Damariscotta Oysters

These oysters are delicious and flavorful. They are delightful on their own, enjoyed with a glass of white wine, or you can serve them with other entrees and appetizers as part of a complete seafood feast. Serve them up with your other favorite seafood items from us, like live lobster, shrimp cocktail, or sea scallops wrapped in bacon.

Order Damariscotta Oysters Online

We now make this Maine delicacy available to buy online and ship overnight to you via home delivery. Oysters are sold 6 per order, we recommend one order per person.


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