Crab Shell

Crab Shell Crackers


Metal Crab Shell Cracker

Crab shell crackers are the perfect utensil to have on hand when you enjoy your fresh seafood order. Having shell crackers on hand will make eating whole crab and crab legs easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

You Might Need These With Your Seafood Order

We recommend these metal crab shell crackers for all of our crab legs– especially the large Alaskan Red King crab legs. Our crab shell crackers are zinc-plated, measure 5 3/4 inches in length, and can handle any crab leg size.

Order Crab Shell Crackers With Fresh Seafood From Maine

This makes it even more beneficial to add a set of crab shell crackers to your order today. Get crab shell crackers and easily enjoy the delicious crab legs in your order.


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