jumbo live lobster

10 lb – 15 lb North Atlantic Live Lobster


10 – 15 Lb North Atlantic Live Jumbo Lobster

Weighing between 10 and 15 lb, our North Atlantic Live jumbo lobsters are truly massive. These jumbo lobsters make for a filling entree that your loved ones are sure to enjoy and remember. Just like our local lobsters, these are sourced in cold waters to ensure quality and flavor. They are actually the same species, the Homarus americanus, just harvested in different locations and shipped from either New Hampshire or Canada due to size regulations.

Order 10 – 15 Lb Jumbo Live Lobster from the North Atlantic

If you are looking for standard-size lobsters check out our live lobster category page which can help you make sure you select the right size of live lobster to buy today. Be sure to check out our guide on how to cook live lobster as well to make the whole experience easy and fun for the whole family.

Serve Jumbo 10 – 15 Lb Live Jumbo Lobster For Dinner

To experience Maine in a way that only our family-owned, local business can deliver, order live jumbo lobsters from us today. When you do, don’t forget to order some appetizers, side dishes, and dessert for the whole New England culinary experience.


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