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If you ever need any type of fresh seafood / frozen seafood, do not hesitate to contact us for the best market prices. Currently these products are in stocks: Red Crabs, Snow Crabs, Lobsters, shellfish,Fresh Fish, salmon fish,oysters, Red King Crabs, snow crabs etc.

T Trade Seafoods has dedicated more than 30 years to providing some of the best seafood. With that kind of passion, it’s easy to understand why we’ve risen to become the best online lobster delivery company. We can send live Maine lobsters — as well as lobster tails, claws and meat — to customers all over the world.

We do supply both fresh seafood and frozen seafood such as crabs, Red Crabs, Snow Crabs, Lobsters, shellfish,Fresh Fish, salmon fish,oysters, Red King Crabs, snow crabs etc.

Impress your family and guests, and taste the difference of a fresh, genuine Seafood Company. Buy your lobsters,fresh seafood,frozen seafood,fresh fish,frozen fish from T Trade Seafood Now.

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Our facility can handle large orders, meaning you can purchase your lobsters and Alaskan king crab in bulk. When we built our facility, we constructed a temperature controlled tank. This way the life of our lobster is prolonged because of our cleaner, colder water system. This makes our Maine lobsters live longer, and taste fresher than the competition.

Fresh Maine Lobsters for Restaurants

Are you the owner of a restaurant? Do you want to offer genuine Maine lobster to your patrons? We now handle restaurant accounts, becoming a trustworthy source for lobsters and seafood to the best restaurants in the country. Contact us today to discuss bulk orders for your establishment.

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